Vacation Photos

Remember that Christmas when your parents made you pose beside Aunt Bertha? Or what about that Spring Break trip to Mexico and you were annoyed by your older brothers? Well, we’ve pretty well all been there. From time to time we have the pleasure of being around family that might embarrass us, or ruin a party, even a vacation. We must love them anyway.

Funny Awkward Moments

We always want to look good and feel good on vacation.  Family Vacation photos are a way to share memories, laughs and awkward moments.

Vacation Photos

The biggest challenge to enjoying family time can be overcoming embarrassing moments, and always we are seeking ways to be with our family and take great photos, and capture those precious moments.

The best way to capture those moments in a care free way is to just be yourself.

family vacation photos

Funny Moments 

We are always laughing and enjoying ourselves on vacation.  However, sometimes vacations can end in disaster.  The rental car and hotel expenses can really ramp that credit card right up there, so luckily there is vacation insurance. Many families these days are seeking vacation insurance and want peace of mind when they return home. But never let these “circumstances” affect having fun and capturing the once in a life time moments.