What are the Trendiest Vacation Destinations for 2016?

What are the Trendiest Vacation Destinations for 2016?

If you want adventure, excitement, and beauty, you’ll benefit from discovering the trendiest vacation destinations for 2016. When you choose one of these three places, you’ll be hitting a destination which is gaining in popularity.

1. Kotor, Montenegro

The first trendy vacation destination on our list is Kotor, Montenegro. This town is fortified and it’s located along the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. Renowned for its curving streets and its charming town squares, it has a medieval vibe which is truly inspiring.

If you love ancient architecture, you’ll find it here and you’ll adore the character of this interesting town, which is part of the nation of Montenegro. Montenegro is a compact Balkan country.

2. Quito, Ecuador

This city is the capital of Ecuador and it’s situated in the foothills of the Andes. If you love altitude, you’ll find that this top vacation destination is located 2850 metres above sea level! Quito was built upon the ancient foundation of an Incan city and the buildings of Quito have a lovely, Spanish colonial look which is unique and appealing.

This city includes a scenic gondola ride which rises up over a volcano, as well as a fun amusement park. It’s definitely an unusual and intriguing place to explore.Dublin, Ireland

3. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is a perennial favorite because it’s just so much fun. There is so much to see and do, the Irish people have the gift of gab (as well as friendly, spontaneous spirits!) and there are history and heritage mixed among some decidedly urban pleasures. Dublin is all about pubs, theatres, music, Celtic heritage and fine dining. It’s a great place to explore on foot, from the zoo to Trinity College to the Temple Bar district and beyond. Dublin also has a nice, mild climate.

Which Destination is Your Favorite?

Hopefully, these three trendy picks will inspire you to select the ideal destination for your tastes. A couple is off of the beaten track while Dublin alone is a “traditional” choice for world travellers. Whatever you choose, you’ll find that these three locations offer something different. Even Dublin, as popular as it is, is extremely singular. After all, the Irish have kept their culture distinct for centuries.

The key to unlocking deals on any or all of these trendy vacation destinations is shopping online. Once you’ve checked travel deal websites, you’ll have a better sense of which destinations are affordable. It’s important to shop around extensively before you make a final decision. It’s possible to access big savings on flights, airfare, dining, shopping, and accommodations by looking at deals online. However, you should never buy from a website that isn’t reputable. So, check out any travel deal website before you register and put down money.

In general, distance is a factor. How far you are from a destination will affect how much you pay in airfare. For some people, the money isn’t such a big deal. For others, it’s an important consideration. So, do a bit of research and then see how airfares to these three destinations compare. Doing so may help you to make a final decision.