Travel Photography Tips | The Rule of Thirds

Simple Travel Photography Tips That Improve Your Shots Immediately

It’s really tough not to get caught up in wanderlust when looking through perfectly captured travel photographs snapped by top-tier professionals and amateurs alike. Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, it’s easier than ever to get really swallowed up by these kinds of images.

But some of us become so captivated by travel photography that we aren’t content just sitting on our backside in some cubicle from 9 to 5 wishing we were out there exploring these corners of the globe ourselves but instead decide to load up on photography gear – or at least some top-tier Instagram filters for our phone – and head out into the wild to snap our own one in a million shots.

If you are looking to head out on a travel adventure and capture the experience as best you can to share with everyone (or to keep your memories fresh for the rest of your life) you’ll want to arm yourself with the travel photography tips we share below.

Your photos will never be the same again!

Get up Early and Stay out Late

The best of all the different travel photography tips we have share with you has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with technical skill or equipment choices. Instead, it has everything to do with getting out as early in the day as possible or staying out as late as you reasonably can.

Lighting is one of the most important elements of great photography. The soft, warm, natural light of dawn and the cool, calm natural light of dusk both are going to take what would have otherwise been pretty standard fare images and boost their quality – and interest – right through the roof.

It also doesn’t hurt that you’ll be one of the few photographers (or people) there to snap shots when you’re really early or really late, and that’s going to increase the visual interest of your images as well.

Do Your Research Ahead of Time

There is definitely something about spontaneously capturing moments of travel all over the world, but if you have the opportunity to do a little bit of extra research about the destinations that you will be visiting you’ll have the chance to scout out locations and angles that you might not have thought to capture otherwise.

This is one of those travel photography tips that professionals regularly “keep under their hat”, and one of the most important travel photography tips that you can really ingrain even if you have no aspirations of going pro.

There are ways to stage your photos to look as though they were still spontaneous but you’ll be able to capture images that are stunning in composition and interest with just a little bit of extra research.

Fall in Love with the Holiest of Travel Photography Tips – the Rule of Thirds

One of the biggest mistakes that amateur photographers make all the time is centering their photographs on the most interesting element and forgetting about the rule of composition known as the “Rule of Thirds”.

Perhaps the most basic of all of the photography fundamentals you’ll want to master, by breaking your image into a 3 x 3 box you’ll be able to much more effortlessly compose your photographs in a way that captures attention, conveys a motion, and highlights certain elements in ways that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Practice the Rule of Thirds and your photographs will be instantly better!