Travel Photography Jobs | Freelancer to Pro

The Easiest Way to Land Professional Travel Photography Jobs

There may not be a more glamorous job than that of a travel photographer.

Being flown from location to location around the globe with one mission in mind – to capture beautiful photographs of these often hidden and relatively un-visited locales to share with the rest of the world – and getting to stay in beautiful accommodations and enjoy adventures that most people never get the opportunity to is as far away from a 9 to 5 desk job as it gets.

At the same time, competition for travel photography jobs is through the roof these days (which isn’t at all that surprising, considering the parts, the pay, and the overall experience). If you’re going to seriously pursue travel photography jobs you want to know exactly what you’re up against and what it takes to land the best gigs possible.

Let’s dive right in!

Start off in Freelance

One of the best ways to get the kinds of travel jobs you’ve always dreamed about, travel jobs that can literally transform your life, is to start off on your own capturing the world through your lens on trips that you plan out and pursue all on your own.

Now, obviously, you may not be able to send yourself to some of the more exotic locales around the world while operating your own little freelance gig, but you will be able to capture the attention of professional agencies and companies that are looking for travel photographers with your work – and that’s the best way to get your foot in the door.

Proving that you have not only the creative eye to capture these interesting adventures but also the technical abilities and talent to shoot photos that can be capitalized on commercially is a huge leg up on the competition. Your photos from your own adventures will get you interviews more than anything else ever will.

Start Submitting Photographs to Major Magazines

Another great way to get the travel photography jobs you’ve always dreamed of is to take photographs, edit them, and then send them into major magazines that focus on the kinds of adventures you are dreaming about shooting in the future.

Field & Stream Magazine is always looking for nature photographs, Men’s Journal is always looking for exciting action adventure shots, and all of the women’s magazines out there are always – ALWAYS – hunting for “Travel Inspo” shots that will capture the imagination and attention of their readers.

These magazines all have a specific number of pages they need to fill every single month (and sometimes every single week) and they are always looking for killer content to share with their subscriber base. Submit your photographs via the submission information all these magazines have on their website and you might find yourself contracted for travel photography jobs after your first few submissions make it to print.

Obviously, there are other ways that you can pursue travel photography jobs and land the kinds of gigs you’ve dreamed about working, such as selling stock photos on Shutterstock and other platforms, but these two options above prove to work and can really fast track your career in this field.