Which Travel Destinations are Hot and Happening for 2016?

Which Travel Destinations are Hot and Happening for 2016?

Some travel destinations are perennial favorites while others gradually gain in popularity. Today, we’re going to talk about two exciting travel destinations which are capturing the interest and imagination of people this year (2016).

Once you’ve learned which travel destinations are hot and happening for 2016, you’ll be one step closer to choosing a great place to vacation. Our picks are based on global trends in travel and both of them are definitely off of the beaten track.

Since our three picks offer a fair bit of diversity, there should be a trendy travel destination which is just right for you…

Our hope is that this quick guide will provide you with the inspiration to explore and to expand your horizons! Once you’ve selected the right travel destination, you’ll be ready to shop for exceptional travel deals online.

Shopping online is the best way to access savings on flights, accommodation, and other travel essentials. Just be certain to purchase what you need via reputable websites which have ethical and appealing Terms of Service.

Ghent, Belgium is a Scenic Port City

This city is rapidly gaining a great reputation amongst world travellers and it’s situated in the northwest part of Belgium. During medieval times, Ghent was an important city-state. These days, it’s a hub for post-secondary education (it is home to Ghent University) and culture.

The city includes a region which is just for pedestrians, so it’s a wonderful place to stroll around as you take in the splendor of landmarks which date back to the middle ages, such as Graventsteen Castle and the Graslei guildhalls.

If you love travel destinations with heritage and character, you’ll find this Belgian city irresistible and unforgettable!

The Andaman Islands Offer Exotic Charm

These islands comprise an archipelago which is situated in the Bay of Bengal. The islands lie between India (westward) and Myanmar (northward and eastward). The island capital is Port Blair and this island chain offers access to some stunning natural beauty.

Those who visit the islands make a point of dropping by Viper Island, Radhanagar Beach and Havelock Beach. However, Viper Island, which features a high population of serpents, as well as historical relics, such as gallows, is not for the faint of heart!

If you love white-sand beaches, you’ll adore these charming islands. The Andaman Islands are also the home of Mahatma Gandhi National Park.

Trendy Travel Destinations are Fun

It’s so much fun to visit the travel destinations that everyone is talking about! Hopefully, our guide has helped you to see what modern travellers are interested in.

Now that you know a couple of hot and happening travel destinations, why not plan a trip to one of them today?