Are European Vacations Expensive?

Are European Vacations Expensive?

Europe does have a reputation as a rather expensive travel destination. However, it’s possible to save money on the cost of European vacations by sourcing out the best deals on flights, hotels and related travel costs (rental cars, entrance fees to attractions, fine dining, shopping, etc.).

Since there are so many world-class cities in Europe, and these types of cities usually have a much higher cost of living, it does makes sense that Europe is more expensive than average. However, it is possible to economize in so many ways. For this reason, you should never consider Europe to be out of reach!

The Internet is a huge help in terms of providing access to exceptional travel deals. Many websites of the “travel deal” variety offer low-priced airfares, cut-rate hotel room rates and tons of other European travel perks. The trick is finding the best travel deal websites.

When you’re shopping around for travel deals via the World Wide Web, you should always consider the reputations of the websites that you’re visiting. Never give personal information or financial details to websites that aren’t highly-rated and respected.

When you do choose reputable travel deal websites, you’ll be able to shop with confidence.


Choose a Price Point

Some people really don’t want a budget holiday to Europe. Instead, they want to live it up and they don’t mind spending more in order to stay at glamorous hotels with cachet and history (such as The Ritz in Paris) and to eat at Michelin-starred restaurants (such as Aroma in Rome!).

Deals are available at all price points and knowing which price point is right for you will help you to comparison-shop for travel deals online. Try to decide between budget, mid-range or high-end travel, as doing so will allow you to customize searches online and narrow down the options.

Knowing your budget is important, whether it’s shoestring or “the sky is the limit”…or anything in between! Without having a sense of what you can afford, you may find that comparison-shopping is laborious and not as successful as it could be.

So, brainstorm a budget at the outset!

Think About Your Desires

The next step to making your European adventure a dream come true is thinking about your own desires. What do you want out of your trip? Do you want to hit all of the tourist-y hot spots, or do you prefer an edgier experience which is about finding attractions that are off the beaten track? If you want a conventional experience, check out Rick Steves online – he knows some great places to visit. If you like things a bit offbeat, Lonely Planet will be an excellent online resource.

It really helps to know what you want. If you aren’t sure and the resources that we just suggested don’t help enough, looking at European guided tours which are advertised online will give you some structure and inspiration. Use information about them in order to get a more cohesive sense of where to go and what to do. Of course, you may just decide to book one of these tours yourself!

Get Flight and Hotels Organized

Taking care of the big issues first, will help you to relax. This is why we recommend booking flight and hotel online (or flight and a tour) as soon as it’s feasible. Once you’ve found deals on airfare and accommodation, you may focus on smaller details, such as looking for coupons or deals for attractions, restaurants, shopping and rental cars (or other forms of transportation, such as Eurail trains).

Never book into a hotel that you haven’t read reviews for. When it comes to finding reviews of almost anything travel-related, is the gold standard. You’ll find tons of information about European vacations there.

Once you’ve found hotels with great reviews and reputations, you’ll be ready to make your European dreams come true!